At Circle City Outdoors, we are dependable and thorough when in comes to getting your business cleared of all snow and ice. We know how important it is to keep your lot safe and accessible for your customers. Whether your business needs the parking lot areas cleaned, or you’ve got sidewalks that need salting, we’ll keep your business environment clean and safe…no matter the amount of snow.


Snow Equipment and Personnel

We’ve got the snow removal equipment and qualified personnel ready when the need arises. You can’t afford to be stuck out in the cold when the weather turns rough.


  • 75 Snow Plow Operators (Straight and V-Blades)
  • 15 Backhoe Operators (12″ Plow Boxes Attached)
  • 20 Bobcat Operators (10′ Plow Boxes Attached)
  • 10 V-Body Henderson Salt Spreaders
  • 75 Handworkers on Staff



Our Services:

    • Slick-Free Salt and Ice Melt Service
    • Snow Plow @ 1-2″ of Accumulation
    • Sidewalk Snow Removal
    • Salt and Ice Melt Only Required on 2″ Removals
    • Contract Begins at 2″ Accumulation
    • Sidewalk Snow Removal
    • 3″ Clearing Level
    • No Salt or Ice Melt Required

At Circle City Outdoors, we cater to your individual property’s needs by providing daily, weekly or selected day services. A clean parking lot makes an important, positive first impression and can drive business to your operation. Well maintained properties are inviting and clean of trash and debris. The life of a parking lot is diminished when broken glass, wet papers, loose leaves or other debris is left to accumulate. In addition, poorly maintained lots can create safety issues and environmental hazards.

Our Services

  • Hand blowing corners, sidewalks, islands and loading docks to ensure a proper sweep by our trucks
  • Removing debris from landscaping islands
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of dumpster enclosures near parking lots
  • Emptying trash receptacles and replace liners for retail shopping centers
  • Notification to management of illegally dumped debris and providing disposal service